Precious Pets Motel

Precious Pets Motel

Our passion for cats has led us to open a cattery with a difference. It houses 12 cats, each one having its own personal touch. The cattery has been lovingly hand built with much care, with attention to detail being of the upmost importance.
Your cat can be with us for long-term or short-term boarding and it is important that you can rest at ease knowing your cat is in good hands. Each cat will have individual care. We know every cat has its own individual personality and needs which will be catered for.
So bring your beloved feline friend to us and we will make sure their holiday is as relaxing as yours.
We currently have a total of 12 deluxe heated chalets, all with their own individual decked runs accessed through a cat flap in beautiful rural setting. All cats sharing a chalet will be from the same home. We do not put cats from different homes together.
Before your cats visit, the chalet walls, floor and shelf surfaces will be cleaned along with the decked run area. We use an environmentally friendly cleaning and hygiene product that will not distress your cat with strong scents or bleach odours. All the bedding is machine washed with a branded washing powder and thoroughly dried.
When occupied, the chalet shelf surfaces and floor will be swept and wiped over every day with a clean litter tray and fresh water provided. Your cat will be visited a minimum of three times a day to attend to soiled litter trays and to make sure your cat is happy.

phone number 07731 748681
Address March Cambridgeshire

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